Marketing Plans

Marketing Plans

Thank you for the opportunity to present to you some of my Marketing Plans for your property. This can be a challenging market to sell in and the more tools you have in order to get homes sold the better.

I know that you are excited about moving and I know that you want to work with someone you trust and respect. You also want to sell your home or investment fast and for top dollar. So, I’ve put several unique systems in place to take care of your needs.

I’ve created a cooperative merchandising effort, which involves four “teams” of individuals and professional companies working together to move your home fast and for top dollar. Last year alone, my team and I helped 39 families buy and sell homes in Clark County. It doesn’t cost a penny more to use my team of real estate professionals, but you’ll receive service and results that far exceed my competition.

Once your property is listed, we will evaluate any repairs that need to be addressed prior to going active. I will provide 4 hours of contractor work. The next thing you will get is a professional stager to help with getting things in perfect looking condition for pictures and showing. After the stager is done I will contact the professional photographer to take the pictures. From there your home will be ready for the extensive marketing.

My “Buyer Profile System” is such an extensive service that I may already have a buyer for your home before you even list it!

My “Ten-Work Day Feedback Program” guarantees that you’ll know exactly what’s being done to sell your home from the minute we’ve placed a “For Sale” sign in your yard. At the beginning, I sit down with you to explain my multi-faceted marketing program and give you honest feedback about your home. From that point forward, you’ll receive a phone call and mailings every ten working days to update you on the progress of your home’s marketing and sale.

My twenty-four hour 1-800 talking ads will allow buyers to get detailed information on your home at anytime of the day or night. They can shop to your heart’s content. Call 1.800.895.1408 and enter code 4-1-1 to try it out. Remember, buyers are calling before they are logging on!

Speaking of logging on…go to . Guess whose site comes up? Now go to my site and click the “Featured Listings” button. This is how the buyers of the world will find your home! I have 100’s of different websites, local, national, and worldwide your property will be advertised on.

My “Buyer’s Assistance Program” allows you to register and choose the neighborhood you’d most like to move to for no obligation. You can also choose regular mail or email mailing of new listings, sold listings, economic and community activity, and more. These are just a few examples that have created a successful real estate selling process in Clark County.

My “Showing Feedback Program” allows you to have your own username and password in order to see exactly what buyers are saying about your property. This survey has 6 questions and an area for additional comments. This program has help with finding out what the objection is to buying and then simply fixing it!

To learn first-hand how my systems and marketing programs will move you, CALL TODAY 360.521.8089. You’ll receive a no obligation, free market analysis on your home, and information on my innovative “VIP Buyer Program” to find you the buyer that you are looking for!


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